There are a lot of people out there that only business or run a business and need something to help them organize their pay per click marketing campaigns, so I want to give you quick review of SpeedPPC.

What is SpeedPPC?

Speed PPC is a pay per click management software that you can buy that will help you set up your campaigns, and keep them organized on a large scale.some things that you need to obviously keep track of when you’re doing a pay per click campaign and using pay per click software is your quality score for each keyword and each group of keywords. The relevancy of your ad to the actual campaign and keywords of the campaign is vital for you to pay less per click.

SpeedPPC allows you to start campaign quickly with their campaign builder and in conjunction with their landing page generator. They also have a built in affiliate data feed portion of their software that will grab affiliate links from affiliate networks.

Steps To A Successful PPC Campaign

The first step of setting up your campaign with SpeedPPC is getting together all of your pertinent keywords that you want to start bidding on. Even if you only have a list of 10 or 20 keywords to start with, SpeedPPC will help you combine those base foundational keywords with a bunch of other terms in their catalog which will help you generate hundreds or even thousands of keywords. I was pretty surprised to see all the keywords that were generated for my campaigns.

speedppc review

After you have your initial keyword set up you can put in your good prices. This will import right into your Google ad words campaign manager, but also works with Yahoo and Bing as well. It’ll help you specify your broad match keyword costs, your phrase match, and your exact match pricing.

adwords campaign management

Now, SpeedPPC will help you set up your ad groups. If you have ever done this manually, you’ll know that is quite a pain to set up multiple campaign groups for all of your ads. But now you can do it in just a few minutes. You can even set up thousands of ad groups fairly quickly.

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Next you create your actual ads. You can create unique adds for every single keyword that you have in your campaign. The saves you time of time, and you probably could never do it by yourself with this much specification if you have even a moderate sized PPC campaign.

Now, you can add some PHP to your landing page that will place the exact keywords on your landing page that you are bidding on. This is very important for quality score as Google and Adwords use this quality score to essentially let you know how targeted your campaign is. This can also save you a lot of money if you do a right and is essential if you want to be productive and efficient in your pay per click campaigns.

ppc dynamic landing pages

My SpeedPPC Review Summary

Overall, I was a it is a great program if you’re doing large-scale pay per click campaigns. If you just have 10 keywords, or 20 keywords, you probably don’t need SpeedPPC, but if your only bidding on 10 to 20 keywords, it is probably fair to say that you are too serious about your campaigns at this time. As your campaigns grow larger and larger you’ll definitely need some type of software program like SpeedPPC.

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