Clay Collins has developed a great product called LeadPages, which can really help a person drive traffic to their site in a variety of ways. I was thoroughly impressed first with the amount of templates available, and I was also impressed with the results. You see, there are all types of landing pages and conversion pages that you can implement on all different types of sites. They really catch your customers for you, and it really grabs their attention while keeping your business simple, focused, and profitable.

There are other ways to create landing pages for your site.  Other products are Premise, Instabuilder, and Optimizepress.  For me, the difference is using something that is a product or something that is a product based on results.  To me, LeadPages just seems like it is based on foundational templates that work so you don’ t have to recreate the wheel or spend hundreds or thousands on initial split testing.  I also feel like the team at LeadPages will continually be updating the product to help their members succeed.  What works for lead generation is always changing and staying up with those changes makes a huge difference in your online business.

I have noticed an increase in profits, and what’s really great is this service is so simple to use! I was able to teach myself after watching the short demo here: