One of the first things that I learned when I got into Internet Marketing was that the money was in the list. Countless gurus on every forum that I visited espoused the virtues of building a responsive list and constantly working to maintain rapport with them.

Because of how critical the nature of listbuilding is, I am always interested in new products that assist in the process of getting interested prospects into my sales funnel as efficiently as possible.

When I came across a Hybrid Connect plugin review that promised to raise the percentage of successful optins on my site significantly, I knew I had to snap it up!

Hybrid connect works with Facebook to make it easier for people to sign up to your list. If people are logged into Facebook when they come by your site, they will be shown a Facebook Connect button to join your list. That’s right – their very best email, signed up to your list, with just one click!

It’s not exclusionary, though. If they are not signed into Facebook – or they don’t even have a Facebook account – they will be shown the normal optin script.

Another great feature is the ability to change the layout of the optin box.  It is very customizable and allows you to do sidebar optin boxes, after-post optin boxes, and pop-up optin forms.

I have to say, since I have installed Hybrid Connect, I have seen an uptick in optins. I give it two thumbs up!

See the Demo of the Hybrid Connect WordPress Plugin here.