It is happening constantly and will continue to to evolve.  Quality of your content when it comes to SEO and PPC will continue to drive success.  The user experience is the most important factor in the future of search engine marketing

How does the user like and interact with your page?  Check out the article published today by Search Engine Watch.

Google is rolling out updates to how the AdWords quality score is determined and how much impact that score has on the ad’s ranking. These changes were first tested in Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and portions of Latin America.

What’s Changing

The changes, which were first implemented on a limited scale in August, increase the weight given to keyword relevance and landing page quality when it comes to determining the quality score for a page. These two factors will also have a greater impact on how ads are ranked on the Google SERP.

Google stated that, “As the changes roll out, some campaigns will see variation in keyword Quality Scores and typical ad position. Within a couple weeks, things should stabilize and we expect most campaigns will not see a significant change in overall performance.” Google has not released figures for the portion of campaigns that will likely be affected or exact how substantial the AdRank and quality score changes will be.

Google officially announced the impending global spread of the changes on October 3rd, stating that all AdWords users should see the changes “over the coming weeks.” This means that October is the time for making fixes to exact match keyword relevance and landing page quality.

via Google AdWords Puts More Weight on Relevance, Landing Page Quality – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).