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Is SEO Worth The Investment For Your Business?

First things first. When it comes to SEO, most businesses don’t have a fair expectation of time frames and effort go into search engine optimization. This unfair expectation stems from not only the business but from the SEO specialist not getting accurate time frames for SEO success. Right up front, it is important to know which keywords you are going for and also the keyword difficulty of each keyword seeing get a reasonable expectation of success and time frames for success. Going After One Keyword One mistake that I often see with business starting out with their SEO campaignsis the fact that they sometimes just go after one keyword. Going after the one major keyword for your industry or locality and obtaining a […]

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Bing SEO Rules of Engagement

Even SEO's having been trying to keep up with how to SEO on [...]

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Google Related Search Plugin

Google is at it again. They just announced a new product called Google related. It is a new Google toolbar they can add to Internet explorer or Chrome. The main idea of the new Google related plug-in is to allow you to see anything related to a particular website you’re on just by scrolling to the bottom of the page to the new Google related toolbar. the idea is to give you more information about that particular webpage or informational content on that page without you having to leave that particular webpage. You can see related videos, reviews of that company,and other mentions of that company or product across the web. And, if you find something that you really like or find value and, you’ll be easily able to click the Google +1 button as it is built in the toolbar. […]

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Internet Service Providers HiJacking Traffic

It has been reported that there are several ISPs that are doing something [...]

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Google + and Ranking SEO

Want to position better on the search engines? Get visitors to add you [...]

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How To Make Multiple Calls In Gmail

Google announced today that you can finally make multiple calls in Gmail.  Before, [...]

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Googles New Short URL

Google has just announced that they are releasing a brand-new URL shorten or [...]

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SEO For Readers and SEO For Search Engines

We all want more web traffic for our business sites or personal sites. [...]

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20 SEO Terms That Are A Must Know

When you have a website or a blog, it is important to understand the following terms about SEO and getting Google, Bing, and Yahoo to send you more targeted web traffic. 1. What Is SEM? Stands for Search engine marketing techniques, and as the name implies it entails advertising products or services via search engines. SEM is divided into two primary pillars: SEO and PPC. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s the practice of optimizing web sites to make their webpages appear within the organic search outcomes. PPC means Pay-Per-Click, and it’s the practice of purchasing clicks from search engines. The clicks come from sponsored listings within the search engine results. 2. The All Important Backlink Also known as inlink or merely link, it’s an hyperlink ┬áthat […]

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What is Anchor Text In SEO?

Anchor text is an important part of your search engine optimization efforts, but [...]

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