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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing Graph

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Should I Move By Business To The Cloud

As anyone who's downloaded an audio lesson off of i-tunes on their Macintosh [...]

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How To Get Premium WordPress Theme, Stock Video, and more

As you probably know, he can't be the best every part of marking [...]

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5 Ways To Get Your Website Noticed

Your website is just one of the billion sites parked on the World Wide Web. Chances are, you don’t think yours will ever get noticed. We hear your cries for cyber attention. Here are five ways to get people clicking on to your site. 1.) Make sure it’s professional looking. No one likes looking at website that reminds them of a book report they wrote back in school. Invest in learning a good web design program (Dreamweaver MX and Microsoft Frontpage are good picks), and let your creative juices flow. Make sure it’s compelling, well-designed, and organized. People don’t exactly find it fun to weed through haystacks of cyberfiles to get the information that they want. […]

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Build Your Online Credibility: 7 Secrets

In a way, the Internet may be compared to the Wild Wild West. (Where do you think the acronym ‘WWW’ came from?) There is no real central authority that is in charge and many scam artists take full advantage of this. Especially as a small business owner with no large company name behind yours, building credibility in the prospect’s mind becomes crucial. Here are seven ways to build your online credibility. 1. You may find it beneficial to place your picture (even a smugshot) on your website. Brick and mortar stores have the advantage since the clerk has a direct face-to-face conversation with the customer. It is therefore easier to ‘connect’ and form a relationship. I recently read an interesting thread on a marketing forum message board with several people […]

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Tips To Ensure Return Visits To Your Website

A lot of successful websites depend on returning visitors to account for a [...]

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Internet Marketing Newbie Pitfalls

A strange headline? Not really, think about why you started on a specific affiliate program or Internet marketing site…. Unless you are one of the ‘old-timers’ who have seen it all before, most likely you were attracted by the hype and the promise of an easy road to Internet fortunes. A lot offer ‘free’ signup or minimal input – OK great, but then what? Consider how much more effort and time you would be prepared to put into your start-up if you had a fairly large financial commitment? This is not really unfair – even if you started as I did with absolutely no reserve, no ‘list and not much of a clue – somehow, after doing research and really checking the program out, you will come up with the cash to join or set up if it meets YOUR needs and expectations. […]

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Successful Business Website Design Phases

Making a business stand out is not easy without uniqueness, because uniqueness can easily capture the interest and attention of the public. This principal should also be manifested in website design and development process. The process must aim to forge strong ties with individual clients so a bridge is made to connect the gap of communication between the business and the consumers. This unique approach integrated with carefully discussed strategies and client consultations are all ingredients to effective web design projects. This article will take a closer look […]

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