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Godaddy Hacked

Looks like Godaddy has been hacked by someone who claims he is from [...]

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Perfect Landing Page Conversion

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Google AdWords Puts More Weight on Relevance, Landing Page Quality – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

It is happening constantly and will continue to to evolve.  Quality of your [...]

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Google Earth Reaches One Billion Downloads | Search Engine Journal

Earlier today, Google announced that Google Earth has been downloaded one billion times [...]

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Steve Jobs Resigns Tim Cook New CEO

A Steve Jobs announced today that he is sitting down as the CEO [...]

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How To Install WordPress Fast

Well, back to the basics.  With so many people and business owners still getting on the bandwagon of WordPress and wanting to know how to get started with the installation process, I decided to write a quick post with the starting steps. Before we get into it all I want to give you my honest opinion of WordPress if you are wondering if you should use wordpress for your website.  Wordpress powers around 25 million website and about 22% of all websites run wordpress for their CRM for their personal blog or business website.  With a huge community comes huge community support. There is and  The difference between the two is that is hosted on their servers and is hosted on your own server.  I highly recommend using and hosting all the files on your own server.  It is much easier than it sounds. There are great developers and supporters of WordPress that make the CRM easy to use and also make it easy to customize and integrate with other websites and services.  It is kind of like the iPad and iPhone.  The actual iPad and iPhone systems are great, but it is the community and apps that make Apple products great.  Same goes […]

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What Makes A Great Blog Post

Every time you add content to your website, you need to be thinking [...]

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Things to Consider with Website Hosts for Real Estate Websites

Before you choose a website hosting company for a real estate website, you [...]

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Speed PPC Review

There are a lot of people out there that only business or run [...]

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4 Metrics to Measure Your Best Leads

4 Metrics to Measure Your Best Leads 1. Conversion Rate to Opportunity One [...]

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